I See Sea

A new chapter..

Christopher PorterComment

Welcome to the new version of I See Sea, now an open studio, making design accessible by existing on the high street.

So what will you find when you pay us a visit? Well firstly you'll find me, Christopher, working away on my client work, anything from album covers to rebrands. I'll be here Monday to Friday, and would be happy to stop and have a chat about what I'm working on, or indeed what I can do for you. You'll also find somewhere to stop and stay for a while. Maybe you have some uni work to get on with, or some ideas to brainstorm, or you just want a bit of rest halfway up the high street. Whatever your reasons, you're welcome to bring a coffee and sit for a while. 

But the things I am most looking forward to you seeing are my first lines of hand screened prints and t-shirts. Over the past year I have been designing and experimenting, and the results of this will be available for purchase in the studio. Below are some process photos of the first fully produced tee.


I look forward to welcoming you into the studio and having a chat. Exciting times ahead...