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Chalk it up to practice...

ExtracurricularChristopher PorterComment

In between my client work I like to stretch my creativity a little. I came across my old graphics tablet the other day, a poor little piece of technology that I have barely ever used, and decided to find a way to make good use of it. I had been watching a bunch of lettering process videos on Vimeo and came across a number of people doing digital chalk lettering. Chalk boards have always been something I have aspired to be good at, but never had quite the skill with my hands.

I found a wealth of free resources for the task, brushes and textures, so set about doing 'chalk' version of my 'Making Things' slogan. After a few false starts and a lot of trial and error I had a thoroughly enjoyable morning putting the piece together and am glad to have a new arrow to add to my design quiver...

Little projects like this really help to keep the creativity flowing when working on my client briefs and I went back to work fully recharged and ready to crack on with the projects at hand (more info on some of those coming right here on the blog in the coming days...).