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Look Back no.1

Look BackChristopher PorterComment

I have decided to take a weekly look back into the I See Sea archives to show you guys some of the past projects I have worked on. There might be a few of these in one go to start with but they will then become a weekly feature on the I See Sea blog. 

Today I wanted to look back to the time when my love affair with monoline design began. One of the favourite logos that I have designed, the one which got me published for the first time (see this post) was a pro-bono project for the Falmouth Marine Conservation Society, a group run from the Penryn campus of Exeter University. The brief was entirely open which can actually be way more difficult sometimes. I had recently been researching 50s and 60s logo work, chunky monoline designs, often very badge-like, and decided that I would love to work a fish design into this style. The group loved it and used it at a number of events before they disbanded.

I liked the style so much that when the next animal based logo project came up I jumped at the chance to try it out again, this time on an Elephant! From that point I never looked back. As you may be able to tell, I still really enjoying within the constraints of monoline design and you can look forward to seeing more of that in the future...