I See Sea

The Identity Design Process


Graphic design can be a mysterious industry, so to make it more accessible I have outlined my design process below, that way if you are thinking about getting in touch to discuss your project you will have a better idea of the steps involved...


Step One

First things first, we need to meet! Best thing to do is to give me a buzz and arrange a first meeting at a local café. We can then sit down with a coffee and talk over the scope of the project and I can get an idea of what will be needed. During the meeting we can set a solid brief for the project and get me ready to get started. 

After the meeting I begin work on the project with my research and sketching, followed by the creation of 2 - 4 initial routes. These are rough ideas for the logo design that show the different potential looks we could go for. These are presented to you in a Round One PDF to look over which also includes a mood board for the project.

Step Two

Once you have received Round One we can either meet again in person or discuss via email or Skype which route you would like to continue down. Round Two consists of a much more in depth exploration of the chosen route, I will start thinking about colour palettes and additional typography to compliment the logo. Secondary logo options will be looked into. I will also start thinking about how the branding can be rolled out onto supporting materials (business cards, flyers etc).  All of this exploration will be presented in a second PDF. 


Step Three

Time to meet up again. We can look over everything produced in Round Two and discuss any final bits that need tweaking or amending before finalising the logo and additional elements. I will then go ahead and make these adjustments before putting together a comprehensive zip file of all of the assets. This will include the logo (and any secondary logos) as JPGs, transparent PNGs for web and as EPS files which are scalable. Where possible fonts will also be supplied to you and a guide to the colour palette. I will also provide the print ready files for your additional marketing element (usually a business card). Basically all the tools that you will need for going forward and creating any other elements that you need to progress your business. Although I'm always more than happy to talk about more projects leading on from the branding of course...!


And that's basically it... Obviously your own project may differ slightly, you may need additional elements for example, but hopefully this gives you a basic outline for how it all works. As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

p.s. Lewy's is not real, just in case anyone gets excited about a new guitar shop!